Marshall Islands LLC: one Series (your own name)



  • Includes:
    • 📄 a Welcome Pack for you to read
    • 📜 Scanned Certificate of Formation/Incorporation with Apostille of the Master Series LLC
    • 🧾 a draft Operating Agreement (in English) shall you wish to use it.
    • 🏠 the legal registered address of your Series
    • 🎁 FREE BONUS for your Series: one professional email address and a cPanel hosting account so that you can put up your website online quickly!
  • Please read the instructions about the PROMINEE® Marshall Islands LLC Series prior to ordering.
  • You can decide to be on a public register (so that someone can confirm that your Series exists). If you do not want to be on the public register: existence can be confirmed if someone knows your exact Series’ name. This can be changed manually (you have to contact us).
  • Price per year.
  • It is possible to start the service at a specific date (in the future).
  • When you are ready to order: pick your preferred Series name, checkout, pay, and you are done!
  • ⚠️ Documents are NOT instantly provisioned and will be sent within 48 hours after approval
  • ⛔ Not refundable: please note that this product cannot be refunded once purchased.

Note: you need to be registered and pre-approved to order this product.