First of all: thank you for considering PROMINEE® for your strategy! I am ڪرس, the founder of PROMINEE®.

You have requested more information tailored to your personal situation and circumstances. There is a consulting fee of £50 GBP (⛔non-refundable). Please proceed below if you want to continue. If you want to pay by bank transfer: please follow-up in your ticket for the current bank details.

Do not worry if you decide not to proceed: maybe another time? I will be available in the future whenever you want.

What do you get for that price?

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  1. My time is as valuable as yours (and my time also limited). The popularity of our services has grown beyond expectations and I cannot afford spending all my time on the tickets. Of course: you can always search online but it will take you many hours (if you get the correct information). In other words: you get a gain of time.
  2. When you go to the doctor you pay to get access to his knowledge. In other words: you get the PROMINEE® expertise.
  3. The answers that I am going to give you does not mean you have to purchase our services. In other words: you get the freedom to implement your strategy with any other provider.
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