Redomiciliation to Liberia LLC


  • It is possible to move your current company to Liberia if the originating jurisdiction allows to do so (you can contact us to double check).
  • There are no ESR (Economic Substance Regulations) in Liberia (yet?)
  • 👤 Your name will not appear in the public register (unless you want to disclose it).
  • This service includes:
    • ✅ a one year Nominee Shareholder service for both of your companies (your current company and the new Liberian company).
    • ✅ the fee to get a certificate of good standing of your current company.
    • ✅ other certification and notarization fees.
  • 🔁 Price per year: renewal @ £799/year.
  • ⚠️ You agree that you will not conduct any business with Liberian persons.
  • ✉️ You will be contacted after your order to proceed.
  • 🕒 It may take up to 4 months for the move.
  • ✅ No annual reporting nor audits.
  • ⛔ Not refundable: please note that this product cannot be refunded once purchased.

Note: you need to be registered and pre-approved to order this product.